Kim Frantzve

Founder & Institute Director
Master Clinical Aromatherapist


Our Story

The Aromatherapy Institute of Arizona is the culmination of over twenty  years in the holistic health world.  The founder, Kim Frantzve, is a Level 3: NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist @ the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Kim has been actively teaching, consulting and integrating holistic healing modalities since 1994 when she opened MindSpa in Chicago. Inspired by the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles and various healing centers, MindSpa offered books, workshops,  and holistic well-being products. Certified to teach and sell Bach Flower Essences in 1997, and selling aromatherapy oils to massage therapists and customers, it solidified her belief in the healing properties of the plant world.

“My journey has been an exciting evolution. I was very fortunate in my early career to be part of what we called the MIC segment of the travel industry - (Meetings, Incentives and Conventions). Having traveled five continents, it expanded my appreciation for different philosophies and cultures, and began my integration into different healing approaches. In 2007 I certified as a Clinical Nutritionist incorporating the importance of diet and nutrition in how we make choices for optimum health and well-being.”

A footnote from Kim Frantzve

The Aromatherapy Institute of Arizona does not promote any specific essential oil company. .

I do not recruit or have anyone sign up for membership through me.  I also do not permit attendees in my classes to actively promote or try to recruit fellow students to join a membership based company.